Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mihai Edrisch - L'un Sans L'autre + Un Jour Sans Lendemain

Mihai Edrisch were a French screamo band that employed the post-rock technique of constantly building to climaxes; kind of a European Envy. But unlike Envy, most of the tension they create is tonal rather than dynamic, which is sort of what a lot French bands in the genre are good at doing (Sed Non Satiata, Aussitot Mort, etc). Their drummer went on to play in Daitro (one of the best bands in the genre at the moment) and their guitarist and vocalist went on to be in Celeste (who are pretty bland in my opinion).

Regardless of future projects, these two albums are amazing. The drummer isn't quite as good as he is in Daitro, but he's still damn impressive. There's a lot of the tom-heavy stuff he does in Daitro and a lot of the really cool/awkward cymbal stuff. The guitars are really quite similar to Daitro as well with fairly bright tones playing droney riffs and high leads. Power chords are pretty rare though they do make appearances. I think the bassist in this band is probably the most impressive member; the parts where he plays really pronounced riffs are always unreal and his tone is really huge, it fills up the space so well even when the parts aren't a focal point of the music.

The highlight of both records, for me at this point is "Conflit" (from L'un Sans L'autre). It just seems to be desparate in a way that replicates the emotion of bands like Funeral Diner and Saetia. This post was probably one of the worst things I've written but these albums are both amazing and both free so download them now!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Port Royal - Afraid to Dance (2007)

I picked up this album today in a big clearance sale for $4. It was really worth it. After I investigated them somewhat, I found that you can stream the whole thing from their website for free. It's basically pretty, minimalist ambient/post-rock music. It's mainly electronic but there are some guitars and other acoustic instruments in the mix. The percussion is all electronic. Really nice to listen to with a cup of tea after a long day.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

City of Caterpillar Full Set

City of Caterpillar are generally acknowledged as one of the first emo bands to incorporate long post-rock build ups akin to Godspeed You! Black Emperor into their music. For most fans, they're a band that never got the appreciation they deserved and who broke up far too early. Still, they managed to release a full length and a few other miscellaneous releases. The LP is one of the best and most influential records in the genre and when looking at recently popular bands in the genre like Daitro and Mesa Verde, it's easy to see how far their influence has extended.

Like pretty much all forms of punk rock, their music is very much suited to live performance. This video is a full 30 minute set that I found on my hard drive. I've had it for a number of years but only recently rediscovered it. It contains mostly album tracks, highlights being "A Little Change Could Go A Long Ways" and "When Was the Last Time We Painted Over the Blood on the Walls?". I really don't know much more about it than that, but it's unreal and certainly worth the download.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Burton Wagner - A Sentinel's Eyes

This is my third post on this blog about Burton Wagner's music and it'll probably be my last, at least until he makes another album. A Sentinel's Eyes is my favourite of Burton's albums. Consisting of two 30 minute tracks, it's basically one big long piece with news ideas that are constantly being established and built upon while there are a few motifs that appear a number of times throughout the piece. Burton's music is very minimalistic (using only guitar and a couple of really small samples) and quite emotional. Its amateur nature means that there are quite a few imperfections but I think these only add to the sound that the record is going for. There are some fairly depressing sections and also some really pretty ones. They all add to the experience. In my opinion, this is pretty much the compositional peak of what one guy can achieve from his bedroom with a bunch of crappy gear. This was one of my favourite records of 2006 and I still listen to it a lot.