Friday, February 13, 2009

Piers @ Fat Louie's (2008)

Piers is a Brisbane musician and last week I got to see him play a show with the also excellent King of Red Lions. I'd seen a couple of his sets before and they were great, but this one definitely stood out as the best I've seen him play, and the best set of the night. In all honestly, it was one of the best Brisbane sets I've ever seen.

There's not much to this post except for two videos, but I found them both amazing and thought I should share. I especially recommend the first one, which is his first ever performance with vocals.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gospel @ The Che Cafe (2005)

Gospel's The Moon is a Dead World has been one of my favourite hardcore records since a friend introduced me to it back in 2005. I listen to it pretty regularly and it rarely gets old. I think the mix of the album's originality, its incredibly raw and heavy production and its abundance of intensely cool parts all contribute to its perfection. The fact that they split before finishing their second album is nothing short of a tragedy.

Of course, their live show was pretty amazing as well. Living in Australia, I never got to see them, but thanks to youtube, and other websites, I've seen and heard a number of live recordings. Obviously those can never match up to the experience of seeing them in person, but even in videos with poor sound quality, it's hard to deny the intensity of their performance.

My biggest beef with this video is that there's someone standing right in front of the drummer, which means you can't really see him for most of the set. The drummer is easily the most interesting and technically proficient member of the band (which is really saying a lot, because the other three members are amazing as well). Just to listen to the start of "Yr Electric Surge is Sweet" to hear immediately what I'm saying.

That issue aside, this is an excellent video that captures the band just around the time that the LP was produced, before they were playing 25 minute instrumentals. It nearly all of the songs from the LP (Golden Dawn, Congratulations You've Hit Bottom, Paper Tigon, Opium, Yr Electric Surge Is Sweet, What Means of Witchery) and while it's not the best overall experience of the band, it's certainly nothing to complain about.