Sunday, December 21, 2008

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals (2008)

I have a pretty weird relationship with the hip-hop genre. Though I would definitely consider myself a fan of it, I tend to ignore or forget about it for the majority of the year and then once summer (and end of year lists) rolls around I realise that I must have missed out on so many great releases and rush around trying to discover them all. The result is that I listen to almost nothing but hip-hop between December and February. So far in this year I have discovered a bunch of great releases; Black Milk's Tronic, Erykah Badu's New Amerykah Part One (not really hip-hop but it still applies), T.I.'s Paper Trail, The Streets' Everything is Borrowed, Flying Lotus' Los Angeles, etc. I could talk about all of these for a while, but none of them are free so I won't.

Girl Talk created one of the most famous mash-up albums ever with Night Ripper and Feed the Animals has him destined for even bigger things. I don't really know what to say about Feed the Animals except what everyone else is saying about it; that it's pretty much the ultimate party album. Sure, there's more to it than that but it's hard to care when its this much fun. I think the best part of Girl Talk is finding your favourite bits in the songs. I think my favourite from this album is when the intro for The Cranberries' "Dreams" comes in towards the end of "Let Me See You". That or the absolutely epic way he uses Kelly Clarkson's vocals from "Since U Been Gone" in "Here's the Thing". That part made me dance in my chair, which I can tell you is no mean feat.

Greg Gillis has done the Radiohead thing and offered his new album for download under a "pay what you like" scheme, which can be $0 if you want it to be. Doesn't hurt to give him a few dollars for it though.