Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mother of Mercy - No Eden and Passing Through the Fire 7"s (2007-2008)

There's not a lot to say about Mother of Mercy. They're a pretty straight hardcore band with a lot of great riffing and drumming. Really though, the thing about their sound I really dig is the vocals.

They just posted these two 7"s in a MySpace bulletin so I thought the obvious thing to do was share. They're both great and both pretty short so definitely get them both. These guys supposedly have a full length coming out next year, so I'm prety stoked for that.

Passing Through the Fire
No Eden

Friday, September 12, 2008

Eucalypt - assorted songs (2006-2008)

Eucalypt were an Australian screamo band who only lasted for two years, but were quite influential in that time. I'm pretty sure that Eucalypt are one of the most fiercely DIY bands I can think of; they only played all ages shows and their releases were ridiculously limited. They have a split with Majorca (another great Australian screamo band) coming out in the near future so I'd suggest picking that up if you like any of these songs. I think it's coming out on Yellow Ghost.

Eucalypt's sound is pretty simple; clean guitars, screaming and crazy intense drumming. I was able to see Eucalypt once in Brisbane before they broke up. They played at the No Culture II festival and while my memory of that night isn't very good because I was really sick, they definitely stick out in my mind. Of course Pikelet, These Hands Could Separate the Sky, Quiet Steps, Majorca and To the North were all amazing as well but this post isn't about those bands.

The bottom of this post has a link to their website which has a few songs to download. The best of these is probably "Kepéla"; I remember when they played it live everyone went nuts. I'm also including a link to another blog which has uploaded an mp3 version of their compilation tape. I don't normally do that sort of thing on this blog, but I think that the fact that it seems to be largely unavailable from anywhere makes this a reasonable exception.

Download 1
Download 2

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Eluvium - Live @ Debaser (2008)

I've recently acquired a nifty little program called Citrus that wakes up my computer from hibernation and fades in a random track from a playlist of my choosing to wake me up in the mornings. It's a big improvement from the noise my phone used to make as an alarm, which I would probably liken to a bird having its eyes ripped out of their sockets. I mention this because Eluvium has been waking me up a lot (along with songs like Do Make Say Think's "Chinatown") and it is some of the most perfect music for that task.

Eluvium's Copia was one of my favourite records of last year; it was one of the most 'musical' 'ambient' releases I've ever heard. While probably his best record up until now, his other compositions are still pretty great. That said, I think all of the albums pale in comparison to his live material, whether you actually see it in person or listen to recordings (I've experienced both and I have to say that watching him live isn't much different to listening to this stuff).

This recording I think is a good cross section of his music and the song selection manages to bring together his best stuff. "Radio Ballet" is his best solo piano composition while "Taken" is a masterpiece of ambient guitar work (though probably the only song here slightly inferior to its album version). "Under Water It Glowed > After Nature" is really one of his most elegant pieces of music and the final song "Repose in Blue" is his best composition as a whole; it combines laptop synths and programming with guitar looping and a pretty epic climax.